Monday, 9 December 2013

The Putrid Pile "Blood Fetish" video needs an award for something.

I'll never forget the first time I saw the music video for Cattle Decapitation's "Forced Gender  Reassignment". Myself and a few others huddled around a laptop, faces numb with awe and disgust, watching some poor bastard having his testicles removed one by one. This was a video so vile that it could only be hosted on a website more suitable for hardcore porn than for music. It was repulsive, it was wrong, it was snuff, and it was also probably the coolest thing we'd ever seen at the time.

Before that video hit, I thought that metal videos were lame. You tend to adopt that frame of mind when you're used to flicking between Kerrang! and Scuzz and watching the same ol' shiny-haired trollops headbanging in a garage or on top of a skyscraper. Cattle Decapitation changed the game, but the ball is now in someone else's court. Enter Putrid Pile.

Putrid Pile - Blood Fetish

Now this video isn't half as gruesome as "Forced Gender Reassignment", so why does it stand out? Blood? Check. Boobies? Check. Terrifyingly realistic snuff? Check. What's so great about it, you ask?

There are four Shaun LaCannes.

FOUR (4)

For those of you who haven't heard much Putrid Pile or know little of the music, it is essentially the one-man death metal assault tank of Wisconsin's Shaun LaCanne. He records by himself and plays live by himself (Plays with himself?). It's all the one guy.

Now if blood and guts isn't your thing, you can find a censored version of the video somewhere on the Yoochube, and I seriously urge that you do so immediately. I say this because this video is not all about the blood and guts, it's not just about the serial killer imagery and the torture...it's about 1:56 - 2:03.

Easily the greatest piece of synchronized headbanging I've ever seen. Even if you're one of the sensitive types that kicked up a stink over that Robin Thicke video (I'm getting into that later on), you cannot deny the intensity of those few seconds. Four Shaun LaCannes getting their crab on and headbutting the ground like it's just made a fierce comment about your mother. You can't pay for that.

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