Friday, 27 December 2013

Get the "Attila look" for the New Year.

Attila sporting a 33 A.D. inspired robe w/ matching cross and internal bleeding pattern.

This Spring is all about Pagan ritual and Nercomancy, to say the least; we're rolling into a season dominated by extremes for the fashion enthusiast. Where iron helms and broad swords were staples in our Winter wardrobes, this new season will naturally be about warmer, glossier textures and the return of the ceremonial robe (for those of us who have the waistline for it). Yes, the ceremonial robe. No doubt you've seen it pop up every now and again on the runway these past few months, but this Spring will see it return in all its flowing glory. Indeed, the Attila look is on its way back and its presence will no doubt be felt in every respectable city center clothing store this side of the equator.

Early on in the Spring we'll start to see this festive, cheeky little number popping up in the aisles. Its playfulness is highlighted by its stark colours and baggy design, the perfect way to bring in the New Year and the new you. Fake beards have been teased at for the last few years, but this time around we'll see them come full-circle and fulfill their piquant duty.This flirty look is ideal for those big day outs or afternoon lunches in the city, it's just saucy enough to garner attention, but not enough to give off the wrong impression.

Little bit of advice? Capes never go out of fashion, let no one tell you otherwise. This Transylvanian inspired frock is confidence made fabric. Though one of the darker colours this Spring, it is the perfect chaser to the muted and neutral greys and browns of the Winter wardrobe. Just when your family, friends, co-workers and that special someone think they've seen YOU, this little ditty will knock their blocks off. Nothing says "I'm ready for that raise" or "Get into my bed" like this black velvet piece and matching inverted, four-armed Jesus crucifix. 

What did I say about ceremonial robe wear? IN. What did I say about branches and thorns? Nothing, because I wanted to surprise you. Yes, the Attila look, diverse as it is, has absorbed the "nature" look over the past few years and this design is the perfect marriage of the two. Who knew the delightful burlap robe would blend together so well with the twisted, curling branches of the Carpathians? Looking for something to wear on that big night on the town? Look no further. You won't just be painting the town red, you'll be painting everyone else green with envy. 

Please don't tell me you've forgotten about the dirty beige cowl and ritual mask from 2010. Please. Don't Tell. Me. That. You. Dirty. Bastard. While dated, this is what the entire Spring is going to be about, it's a celebration and a return. This is the very base for your wardrobe this season and a number that no wardrobe should be deprived of. The Attila look is simply not complete without the loose-fitting, Pagan Wanderer robes and matching crimson/white mask. Sorry to break it to you, but shoulders are out this season, and nothing serves as a greater declaration of war on the former like a good wide-sleeved, drooping cowl.

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