Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A letter of apology to Irishfurries.com

Dear Irish Furries,

I am a simple man of good intentions. I never seek to harm or defame others because I believe that, beneath all of our socially constructed masks, we are all the same. We are all brethren, though I know that inequality and intolerance lurks in the shadows of every walk of life.

Though I do not know why you refused to answer my questions, when so many of you offered yourselves up to me, I understand that there are some questions you would rather be left alone. I can only imagine your plight, my furry friends. You did not choose this life, rather, this life took you by the shoulders and said "Yes, this one please".

I can only imagine the intolerance you have suffered over your lifetimes. The anguish, the torment and the ridicule. All of these obstacles thrown before you and yet there you are, standing proudly. Indeed, it is a proud and laborious life you lead, and yet you take it all in your stride. Far be it from me, a mere satirist blogger, to even attempt to make mere pencil-work of the dangerous, anti-establishment culture that you belong to. You, the true anarchists of the modern age.

It pains me deeply that you have banned me from your delightful forum. I do not know why you chose to banish me, but I deeply regret anything I may have said or done to earn such punishment. For you see, my friends...I, too, am a Furry.

My name is ShadowRabbit and like you, I have suffered at the hands of internet forum bullying, dehumanizing memes and general bigotry. All I ever wanted to do was dress as a rabbit and parade around with my friends, proud, strong and invulnerable.

I had hoped to write an article about you, about us, so that light may be shed on our troubles, so that we may one day be taken as seriously as we take ourselves. Alas, I am the pariah of pariahs.

My deepest apologies, Irish Furries. I meant no harm.

Liam "ShadowRabbit" Doyle

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