Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Justice for Bigfoot.

This is a photograph taken by hunter and sniveling coward, Rick Dyer. It is the face of a once mighty and noble creature, the fabled Bigfoot. Dyer claimed that he had slain the beast one year ago near his home on the outskirts of San Antonio, though without any evidence to provide for the skeptics, his story fell into obscurity.

Earlier this week, Dyer produced some photo images of the corpse of the Sasquatch and has been flaunting his kill like a drunken war veteran's badge of honour. He has told various new sources that he will be taking the body of Bigfoot on a tour around the U.S., a filthy, greedy pig is capitalizing on the murder of our most beloved of forest legends.

The pig talks.

If Rick Dyer is allowed to carry out his disgusting agenda and haul the corpse of Bigfoot around the United States like some kind of sick, tragic circus act, then the human race has lost to itself once again. But this is not just a battle against some fat goatee with a shotgun, is it? No, friends, this is a fight against a system that would surely ALLOW this kind of miscarriage of justice to continue as long as there are people who would part with their money to see it before their eyes.

This is a call to arms, my friends. We must find the surviving Sasquatch, if there are any left, and let them know what it is our people have done to their leader. Never before have the peaceful Sasquatch had reason to rise up and slaughter those that have restlessly hunted them, but now is the time. We cannot bring Bigfoot back, but by Christ we will write his name on the earth with the blood of those who wronged him.



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