Saturday, 23 November 2013

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Powerviolence.

Thatmakesitnotinsane has been very musicocentric (I just made that word up) this week. Posts regarding music and long-winded musical theories seem to have outweighed the weird and the wonderful crap that stumbles clumsily into existence on this blog. However, I couldn't end this week without addressing a recent musical obsession of mine. That obsession being the beautifully repugnant Powerviolence.

Last year, when I entered into my first year in NUI Maynooth, I turned a snobbish nose up at Hardcore and Powerviolence as though they were counterfeit DVDs. They didn't make any sense to me. In my little "heavy music sphere", there was only room for doom, death, sludge and black metal. Hardcore seemed to be "the thing", not that I'm entirely against musical trends, I just didn't feel welcome, and so I was content in going about my business with the same negative music I'd listened to for years. The reliable nastiness. Everything else was hipster nonsense that I wanted nothing to do with.


This is my formal apology to anyone or anything I may have classed in such a manner. Though I'm still not entirely bought on this new wave of Hardcore. I am, without a doubt, hopelessly in love with Powerviolence and "Negative Hardcore". I want to pick it a rose, write it a poem and meet its parents. This is a music I've always known but overlooked and I know now that I was a fool. Please be with me forever, you angry, spasmodic lowlife.

Because I've spoken enough about music this week, instead I simply offer you five bands that have spit me out like human chewing tobacco. They are nothing but filth. I imagine these bands can never return home, for fear of their mothers and the wooden spoons they brandish with nefarious intent. Enjoy.


Charles Bronson

Death Toll 80K


Sex Prisoner

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