Thursday, 21 June 2018

27 Things That Are Electric Wizard

1. Disregarding the law.

2. Wearing denim when denim is not weather appropriate.

3. Accepting The Divil 

4. Being Mike Logan from Cannibal Ferox.

5. Saying things like "groovy" or "bitchin".

6. Constantly referring to The Master™. That which is The Divil™.

7.  Riding a motorcycle into the void as the clock strikes midnight.

8. Using your magical powers for the purpose of great evil.

9. Standing atop a mountain, naked as birth, calling forth The Unknown™.

10. Just doing bad shit all the time.

11. Disregarding the audio spectrum.

12. Living forever.

13. Being Christopher Lee.

14. Being too stoned to act out evil compulsions.

15. Reading the works of Aleister Crowley backwards in a candle-lit dungeon.

16. Telling The Divilhow happy you are that it is your master every day.

17. Shunning your community.

18. Having a deep knowledge of the fathomless.

19. Asking things like "You got the cheese?"

20. Knowing that 'Alucarda' is ' A Dracula' spelled backwards. Ooooo!

21. Not kneeling when you're supposed to kneel at mass.

22. Your entire social circle is comprised of people who look like the bullies.

23. Being in a cult that isn't one of those lovey-dovey cults.

24. Being the leader of a non-lovey-dovey cult.

25. Having a second hatred gland where your love gland should be.

26. Skeletons tell each other scary stories about your lungs.

27. The Divilis in your WhatsApp group.


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