Monday, 28 May 2018

Here We Are Now Again Forever.

And here it is, the little pillow in which I sometimes scream into.

Like a terrible case of hemorrhoids, ThatMakesItNotInsane has returned. But unlike the absolute farce of my last attempt at reanimating the blog, this will be entirely loyal to its original purpose - a clean towel I can vomit on whenever the need arises.

We were sitting in my apartment, several sheets to the wind, when a good friend asked me about my old blog. Why didn't I keep it up? Why did I let it die off? We had a good thing going.

The truth is, I mercy killed the last incarnation of ThatMakesItNotInsane because it had become something totally alien. It was like a business. Something that had to be updated on a daily basis. A frail attempt at an Instagram-like influencer home page. It wasn't my terrible little corner of the Internet anymore.

I was writing for the sole purpose of marketing outreach. As if it was going to win me a career. LOL.

So when my friend asked me why I killed it, I already knew the answers. But I didn't know why I had to keep it buried.

Even the act of explaining why the blog was shelved is antithetical to the spirit of the thing, but here we are. I got the chance to interview some of my favourite musicians, I got to speak to some very interesting characters, and I got to pretend that my diploma in journalism was worth something in the very end. Why not indulge even further?

Why not just do this until I'm dead?

ThatMakesItNotInsane will be returning to its original format of nonsensical rambling, b-movie autopsies, and anything else that sounds like a good idea at the time.

Stay tuned.

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