Wednesday, 23 November 2016

You Is The Good People, Them Is The Bad People. You Won't Believe Why.

Look at all this good people right here.

Why is the bad people always the bad peoples tho?

Why can't they be more like the good peoples?

The bad people needs to have more comprehensive self-awareness.

Not the good peoples tho, good peoples self-aware plenty already.

If the good peopol and the bads pepple alll had a big fight, the good people would win because
the bad peoplee shouldn't even be here. This is good people times now.

It's like they say in that new popular song, "Ging-gag Gooley", 'when the bad peoples come runnin/ the good peoples do good people good peoples/ Ging-gag gooley, ging-gag-gooley woo!'.

All the bad things is the bad peoples fault. Recent studies show that, in fact, 100% of bad ting comes from the bad peoples.


Good thing you're not a bad peoples tho. Phew! Good job!

Remember, next time a bad pople try to tell you that you aren't even a good peopl, make sure you give'em a big ol' bicycle kick.

And always remember, that bad people is the bad people, but you will always be that good people. good job, good people. bad bad people, bad self-awareness. self-awareness. self-awareness bad. wow.


Good thing you're not a bad peoples tho. Phew! Good job!

And isn't that  always the way?

Read again tomorrow to find out who is bads and 100 Reasons You're A Goods Person.

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