Friday, 14 November 2014

The 10 Greatest Metal Bands Of ALL TIME

Heavy metal. Our music, our way of life, the altar at which we kneel inside the church of steel. Metal. Our culture. Brotherhood. Heavy metal. Rock and roll. Dimebag. Party. Dean guitar. Family. Family. Brotherhood. Metal. Beers. Orange Amplifiers. Skeletons. Our music. Our Music. Our Music. Brotherhood. Friends. The collective. Powerslave was great. We're all in this together. Metal. Heavy metal. Skull bong. Anton LaVey. Denim on denim. Dimebag. Rust in Peace was great. Righteous. Gnarly. Metal chicks. Metal chicks. Scott Ian. Just checking out the merch table.

Metal brotherhood. Loyalty. Dimebag. Studded leather jacket. Broadsword. Family. Our music. Culture. Us against the world. Stoked to see 'Tallica. Beers. Titties. Rapier. Fog machine. Lightning Fist. Storm Puncher. Steelizor. Dean guitars. Influential. Speed Metal belly top. I didn't like St. Anger. Family. Girlfriend's Nightmare Before Christmas handbag. Booze. I hope Nevermore reunite. I hope Nevermore reunite. I hope Nevermore reunite. Scott Ian's goatee. Death Angel > Dark Angel. Custom Dean. Forever. In the annals of. Glow in the dark skull bong. Glove chains. Fuck Phil Anselmo. Glove chains. American Thrash Metal > EuroThrash. Metal God. Robb Flynn is great. Stoked to see Robb Flynn. Machine Head are great. Jacket chains. Bullet belt. Bullet belt. Bullet belt. Cargo shorts. Dark Fortress are the best black metal band. Obey. Consume. Family. We're all family. Metal chicks. See you in the pit.

10. Electric Wizard.

9. Electric Wizard

8. Electric Wizard.

7. Electric Wizard.

6. Electric Wizard.

5. Electric Wizard.

4. Electric Wizard.

3. Electric Wizard.

2. Metallica.



!!Electric Wizard!!

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