Thursday, 2 April 2015

Meals to go with Your Favourite Music!

If there's anything more boring than eating food without listening to music, it's listening to music without eating food, am I right? Sometimes it even sucks when you have both, but that depends on how bad either your music taste is or how dull your tastebuds are, but did you know you can have BOTH and have a SUPER AWESOME time!?



If your friends are waiting for you to go skating at the mall, but your lame ass mom wants you to eat something before you leave, here's a few ideas how you can eat well and spite her at the very same time. How righteous is that?


Here's a totally righteous list of the meals you can eat while enjoying the music that your parents will never understand because they're divorced and you're the reason why.


Who are they?: Hugely influential Alt-rock band spawned from the ashes of 90s Noise masters Daisy Chainsaw. 

What you should be eating: A lovely spiced and sweet Irish Whiskey Cake to compliment a band with both a soft side and a vicious streak. Take in this confectionery delight with a glass of whiskey to compliment the whiskey that's already very present and very pronounced. You should always be drunk with cake when listening to this band.


Who are they?: "Cascadian Black Metal" from Oylmpia, Washington. A perfect blend of celestial atmosphere and jagged Black Metal assault.

What you should be eating: The band are known for their eco-friendliness and love of nature and primitive chic living, so your meal should be both paleo AND รก la mode. Why not try a Paleo Breakfast Burrito complete with egg, flaxseed, and your favourite type of fair trade salsa!


Who are they?: The band that unwittingly gave Morrissey a platform to dribble his venom on everyone and everything.

What you should be eating: Morrissey, an outspoken vegetarian and true animal lover, wouldn't be best pleased to see you chomping down on a ham burger, in fact, he'd probably hate you anyway, for anything. Your best bet with The Smiths is to try and eat a bowl of lemons, the perfect mixture of self-torture and protest.


Who is he?: Blunt-hitting Hip-hop trendsetter from the U-S of A.

What you should be eating: Wiz's dope smoking is as publicized as the sports pages and had often stated that his monthly drug budget is $10,000. To truly enjoy the musical stylings of Mr. Khalifa, spread about a pound of weed over a 16 inch pizza and enjoy. It'll probably taste fucking horrible, but you'll feel fantastic/horrible.


Who are they?: Once fashionable mall-Punk for kids with Sex Pistols buttons on their drainpipes.

What you should be eating: A steaming pile of shit.

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