Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Now That's What I Call Wasted (Mix Tape)

I. It begins
Abigail - War 666
Vomitor - Midnight Madness
Darkthrone - Those Treasures Will Never Befall You
II. The Shreddening
Speedealer - Schlitterbahn
Zeke - Evil Dead
Dwarves - Drug Store
Gang Green - Alcohol
Hookers - Baby, You'll Regret Me
Barbatos - Satanik Beer
III. Punching The Air
Znöwhite - War Machine
Tankard - Schwarz Weiß Wie Schnee
Bulldozer - Whiskey Time
Motörhead - I'll Be Your Sister
Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac
Overkill - Rotten To The Core
Slayer - In A Gadda Da Vida
Sacrilege - At Death's Door
Kreator - Phobia
IV. I Forgot The Lyrics
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon
Abigail - War 66 (Played again because you forgot the first time.)
AC/DC - Hight Voltage
Judas Priest - You've Got Another Thing Coming
V. Drunk Dialing
REO Speedwagon - Keep On Loving You
Meatloaf - Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad


The following mix tape is based on a sonic atmosphere theory that I've been developing since opening my first can at 15 years old. Be it the humble house party or giant, shimmering music festival, the mood, music, and alcohol consumption frequency of an event all play a huge and communal role in giving character to the occasion. However, it isn't enough to simply throw on the crowd pleasers and headbangers in order to sway the drunken hordes, because there is a symmetry to the shittery that no one talks about. Just as there are tiers of drunken perception, so too is there a system of mandatory sounds to accompany each tier. I call this (in honour of The Cure and the many drunken tears that have been shed to their music over the last 30 + years) Disintegration theory.

The 'disintegration' in disintegration theory refers to the gradual softening or lessening of sonic density in a playlist. Just as our sensory perception disintegrates with the alcohol we consume, so should the music we listen to, in order to accommodate our poo brains. Rarely has the drunken polarity between aggression and sentimentality been expressed in a playlist the way it has been in NTWICW, and that is exactly what was taken into consideration when meticulously Frankensteining this mix tape together. Allow me to further illustrate the system at hand:

I. It Begins

The onset. The first cans cracked. Excitement tinged with aggression must be exemplified in these first tracks. The merciless attack of thrashing Black Metal is absolutely paramount here.

II. The Shreddening

Excitement building, blood rushing to everywhere but the brain. Depending on your poison, the drink may be taking hold even at this early stage. Dirty Hardcore Punk and Thrash is necessary in order to rouse the subjects. This is where the slight change in tone begins as well.

III. Punching The Air

The drink begins to take hold, senses depleting slightly, the only sane thing for this atmosphere is a change in excited Hardcore Punk to the somewhat campier Thrash that naturally occurs in the drunken cycle. Tempo has slowed slightly, allowing for a more relaxed kind of debauchery. Fists punch the air, heads bang knowingly, these are perhaps the last few moments of prudence you will know tonight.

IV. I Forgot The Lyrics

The classics, the crowd pleasers, the tracks you'd never normally listen to on a sober night, but have now become absolute staples of your wasted experience. You will notice that a track has been repeated here, in the case of this mix tape, Abigail's "War 666", this is intentional, a simulation of intoxicated repetition. The track you forgot had already been played long ago. This is the time to sing those recognizable tunes and take those unavoidable steps toward oblivion.

V. Drunk Dialing

A massive change in tone that you were doubtlessly unaware of. This is the stage where the drink has reduced you from excited aggressor to sentimental baby child. You will probably remember your ex-partner at this point, maybe you'll feel like telling you best friend how much you love them. Either way, this is where the music must take on something of a romantic and calming shape. This is when you'd best keep your phone switched off. 

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